Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Chatsworth family's home caught fire Saturday and Firefighter had it out in minutes


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Firefighters extinguish a Chatsworth Home fire and save a family from losing it.

Snapping and pop sounds coming from up inside the attic? The smell of smoke. 

They heard the popping sounds coming from the ceiling and called 911 L.A. Fire Department 

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Firefighters Extinguish  Fire at Chatsworth Home

Local press release:

Chatsworth Ca Los Angeles city Firefighters battle a house fire and save a family's home before fire could spread. 

The fire retains itself inside a small corner crawl space up in the attic. It started from a electrical problem, the homeowners suspected.

Smoke billowed from their living room vent shafts and they were looking into the vents in the bathroom, there in clear bright orange, the flames were dancing in the attic. They dialed 911 emergency for firefighters to hurry up .

The fire was contained in a area where firefighters cut a hole into the roof to ventilate the smoke and fumes caused by fire.

They grabbed the burning, smoldering materials from the attic and laid them into a fire blanket then carried the smoldering material outside to be dowsed with water from the fire hose.

This was to prevent water damaging the entire house so the occupants could just air it out and live in it again without costing them thousands in just water damages alone.

The Los Angeles firefighters took special needs and care to see that the fire was completely out at the same time keep the house in safe health order to inhabit it during repairs from the fire. They didn't want to recklessly jam a fire hose into the hole of the roof and let'er-Rip.

The fire was out in minutes upon arrival.

Fire Department for assistance. 911 emergency dispatched E107, E287, RA896, RA96, E28, T87, T98, BC15, E104 Baddboyfilms news, Tv news services

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