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New Construction $3 Billion Housing Plan Coming to Warner Center

Warner Center LA $3 Billion Dollar New Housing Development in Planning for Victory Blvd. Canoga Ave. in the Canoga Park Woodland Hills Warner Center Real Estate Listings Market. 

The over 5 Million sq. Footage open space where Rocketdine sold to local developers in the Warner Center Shopping Center area, just across the street from the major Los Angeles Valley's hottest and most talked about Village themed mall in Los Angeles existence This all news Development is the next thing to rocket-dine the Valley's Real Estate market!
Baddboyfilms News Dec 18, 2016

United Technologies Corp are building upon the very land known as the use of Rocketdine Pre-owned is a part of American's historical priceless treasure! 

One time in your life you get to see Rocketdine if you worked there, if you passed their super high security clearance background check, only if you were superiorly entrusted like the Presidential Status of the United States of America, but all that has been declassified and this old out-dated Pre-1944 war era zoned property M1 and M2 is now under the control of the property developers who are tearing down our War Space Station and building up some brand new homes on non-contaminated lands. You would think Rocketdine owned contaminates on theses lands but it's not true.

" No Radiation , No Missiles with Warheads, Not even a tiny bit of uranium on the spot. Spy Planes, Engines made for Nasa Rockets or other Aerospace Technology usage". 

New condos are in the plans to be built, with their own shopping stores, other retails stores and places inside this conditioned land which is in the very process for renovating of the land itself. The Rocketdine labs and deep canal basement, it's tunnels and top-secret structures underground however deep, only the Government will ever know.

It's all declassified and being demolished at this time, Owensmouth St. at Victory Bl. or you can see it near Westfield mall Ownesmouth St. cross street of Victory Bl. in Canoga Park, CA. at this time before it's all demolished.

If you want, get yourself a few historical photographs of your own which you can legally use in your own business advertisements thus you won't steal anyone's photography and you will be able to use your images you create of this historical, one last peek at American History. We're surprised the National Historical Landmark's Society didn't claim this Rocketdine Site as a part of our American Heritage History Historical Landmark like they did with the Glendale Air Terminal site owned by The Walt Disney Company. It is an old relic of the historical stories left behind in the 1944-world war era.

UTC Aerospace Systems
UTC Research Center
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United Technologies Corp

( illustration credits from the United Technologies Corporation website)

The project during construction is being called a fancy nickname by Tv News media till its construction is completed. Boston Global Investors and United Technologies Corp. are planning 4,000 residential units for the site. 

This is a 47-acre parcel at the intersection of Victory Boulevard and Canoga Avenue, which was previously occupied by Rocketdyne. Now to become a very massive $3Million Real Estate Development which will help improve the quality of the area's already overcrowded populated residential spaces. 

You have read about the history on places like old abandoned military bunkers and war bomb shelters. 
Places that had underground vaults and storages made for storing underground uranium and things that go boom but here, this place is safe, it never had those types of things as the Government wouldn't allow it to be stored here at this facility due to the zoning laws this property was, industrial commercial zoning laws applied to this land. But now that is all about to change .

The basements and of course bomb shelters and secret labs underground are obsolete. 
They are going to safely fill in the cavities that those spaces under this old Rocketdine stored for it's emergencies in in case of world war 3 arrived and Rocketdine Officials would have to defend the protection of their ideas, plans, engine science secrets, and such. They had underground Antennas and Bomb-Shelters pre-1955 era war-era here at the same location as this development is being contracted . They are boring everything up and making it so it cannot cave in.

The former Canoga Park Rocketdyne site on Canoga Avenue, between Victory Boulevard and Vanowen Avenue...New Construction $3 Billion Housing Plan Coming to Warner Center..United Technologies Corp are building ...Rocketdine Pre-owned is a part of American's historical priceless treasure...Victory blvd. canoga avenue... warner center la...

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Woodland Hills U.S. Post Office Theft by Homeless man April 8 2017 (LAPD Dinse)

(WOODLAND HILLS) A homeless man was arrested on suspicious theft of United States Postal Equipment

For many months Police have been getting complaints by local business owners located around Ventura Boulevard cross street of Topanga Canyon in Woodland Hills in regards to the multi-level homeless encampments that have been doubling up along the sidewalks of Clarendon St on the North side, blocking driveways and one encampment which was allocated behind the Woodland Hills Post Office, Authorities said. 

The LADOT, one day last week counseled a homeless male at the location about clogging up the street and blocking the public sidewalk ways and byways. Neighbors have submitted complaints to West Valley LAPD and Topanga Police Station into their Woodland Hills Neighborhood Watch Program and to no prevail, the homeless encampment was still able to stay .

This evening, Saturday April 8, 2017, Police were called to respond by the United States Postmaster to meet them at the location across the street from Am Pm Mini-Mart gas station on Clarendon St about 25 yards West of Topanga Canyon Blvd. to a homeless encampment containing about 4 to 5 tents and lots of personal effects and in them the police found what appeared to be United States Postal materials, Private Property, Tools used for Postal Care jobs, and employees only accessible equipment allegedly stolen by a homeless male in his 40s or early 50s who has been allegedly using these items which were said to be missing by Federal Postal care workers and a Postmaster from the United States Federal Post Office which is located just about 50 years Westbound from this homeless encampment on the same street of Clarendon St at: 22121 Clarendon St, Woodland Hills, CA, Police said. 

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Canoga Park News: A Violent injury Crash in the intersection Canoga Ave. and Oxnard St. Saturday.

Lexus CT200 Runs a Red Light - Car Crash in Woodland Hills, 1 injured Saturday

A Major Car Crash at the 6000 Block of Canoga Ave., 

1 injured after lady ran the Red Light

Woodland Hills News Saturday May 27, 2017 10:00 a.m. Photo Credits: Mike Amiri
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Singer Cuba Gooding Sr. of "Main Ingredient" Woodland Hills, Found dead

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2 car crash, sent a Volvo SUV flipping over in the intersection

Apr 17, 2017
(WOODLAND HILLS) - Saturday Night 2 car crash, sent a Volvo SUV flipping over in the intersection
L.A.P.D. , 6100 Canoga Avenue, Woodland Hills, 2-car crash, no injuries accident, 1 overturned, intersection, man driver of Volvo, Female in

By Baddboyfilms News (Tv News Service , Los Angeles, Local News Raw Footage) - April 9, 2017 11:04 pm ET

(WOODLAND HILLS) - Saturday Night 2 car crash, sent the driver of the Volvo SUV flipping over in the intersection after he was impacted by the blue Toyota Corolla.
Saturday, April 8, 2017 7:16 p.m. (Woodland Hills) Baddboyfilms News

Saturday Night car accident involving a Female driver of a Blue 4-door Toyota Corolla and a Male who was driving a Gray 4-door SUV type of Volvo which over turned upon impact in the intersection of Erwin St. and 6100 Canoga Ave late Saturday Night during rush hour traffic at 7:23 p.m. , Authorities said.

Los Angeles fire department and rescuers arrived on scene before police to examine the occupants of both drivers in the vehicles involved and noted there were no injuries involved. There were no bystanders injured and no reports of anyone riding as passengers in any of these vehicles involved that took one vehicle and tossed it around like a tumbleweed.