Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sylmar creek fire | raw footage | News

The Sylmar Creek Fire was fueled by heavily downward winds ranging in the 50 mph range on Tuesday in the am hours, reports say. 

The neighbors were fast asleep as Fire Officials awoke the entire neighborhood on a bullhorn as they drove through the streets of Via Santa Barbara and Via Santiago along the Sylmar Creek while fire was becoming fierce within the bed of it below. 

HD Exclusive interview Fire Victims Sylmar Creek Fires | Baddboyfilms News

The wind shot ambers across the streets and made visibility low. The smoke was dense and thickened and made the air hard to breath it in.  

The air was filled with hot sparks and smoke,  broken twigs & branches from palms with flames on them flying through the air . 
it was like a fire storm that had popped up form out of nowhere and now this little town nested in the hills of Sylmar was under a major attack of flying ambers coming straight up out of the creek bed and landing in all of the neighbor’s roof tops which are modular homes, made of cardboard like press-wood and plastics along with a foam based inner shell and fiberglass outer casing. 

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The press board was like cardboard in the construction of these homes as the main materials used to build it’s internal parts. The homes are cheaply made Via a basic home builders kit that all comes in on a truck, all from a truck, these homes are delivered and assembled on location to a specific design . Each home floor plan is moderately the same as dozens of others therefore when the builders build them, they are used to building these one after another. 

Raw Footage Video: 

Kagel, CA The canyon Fire above Sylmar Creek | Baddboyfilms News

Tuesday, December 05, 2017 8:00pm Shadow Hills, CA Flames were heating up the canyons with a violent fit of rage. Firefighters ran from top to bottom of hillsides just to try to evacuate people from their homes as people were allowing their lives to continue during the night normally while they trusted in the L.A. City Firefighters to let them know if they needed to leave their homes so Firefighters could get in to battle a fire that might of slipped into their area sometime during the night. 

Fire was covering the whole mountain because ambers had blown completely everywhere for miles around that it was just impossible to chase every flame. So the fire department waited it out but only battled flames that got too aggressive towards people's homes. We captured footage all day and night to release for our viewers in Los Angeles and around the world. 
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12101-12117 Vía Santa Rosa, Sylmar, CA 91342, USA

Here in this small area it is a private town, all streets are not maintained by City of Los Angeles tax payers, therefore they do not have a Fire Department by LAFD services, They do not have Police to help them and they don’t have any outsider’s to help them.

The only services they had was all of which they purchased. It also comes with a homeowner’s package deal made by the local homeowner’s association which is allocated within itself. 

They offer cable Tv services from Direct Tv, Water delivery of cased water bottles to their door weekly services, there are security guard patrol services in the streets and they have their own Neighborhood Watch program that the local Sylmar Police just started allowing installed in their neighborhood though it was still up in the air who was going to pay that tax per year. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Chatsworth News | Structure fire extended into the attic | Raw Footage

They heard the popping sounds coming from the ceiling and called 911 L.A. Fire Department 
Video / Photos credits: Baddboyfilms news, Los Angeles Tv news services

Chatsworth Ca Los Angeles city Firefighters battle a house fire and save a family's home before fire could spread. 

The fire retains itself inside a small corner crawl space up in the attic. It started from a electrical problem, the homeowners suspected.

Smoke billowed from their living room vent shafts and they were looking into the vents in the bathroom, there in clear bright orange, the flames were dancing in the attic. They dialed 911 emergency for firefighters to hurry up .

The fire was contained in a area where firefighters cut a hole into the roof to ventilate the smoke and fumes caused by fire.

They grabbed the burning, smoldering materials from the attic and laid them into a fire blanket then carried the smoldering material outside to be dowsed with water from the fire hose.

This was to prevent water damaging the entire house so the occupants could just air it out and live in it again without costing them thousands in just water damages alone.

The Los Angeles firefighters took special needs and care to see that the fire was completely out at the same time keep the house in safe health order to inhabit it during repairs from the fire. They didn't want to recklessly jam a fire hose into the hole of the roof and let'er-Rip.

The fire was out in minutes upon arrival.

Fire Department for assistance. 911 emergency dispatched E107, E287, RA896, RA96, E28, T87, T98, BC15, E104 Baddboyfilms news, Tv news services

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Monday, September 18, 2017

West Hills structure fire, 1 man burned on hands and face | raw footage


Update Structure Fire; 6:51PM; 7000 Vicky Av; Garage was *detached* conversion;

One civilian injury = adult male homeowner to hospital in good condition with minor burns to head and hands; Fire cause/loss still under investigation; - Brian Humphrey


KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; 6:23PM; 7000 Vicky Av; 36 FF's took 19 minutes, They confined flames to a well involved garage area/carport (including vehicle?) with some extension into the attic of the adjoining 1,396 square-foot one-story home; No injury; Cause/Loss yet to be determined;

Dispatched Units: E305 T105 RA105 E72 RA72 E106 T96 E296 BC17; - Brian Humphrey

West Hills Homeowner caught in the fire sustained injuries and went to the hospital for treatment for burns to his head and hands. 

September 18, 2017 at 6:03pm a back house on the residence of 7000 block of Vicky ave. had begin to smoke. 

When police from a few blocks away had respond to this scene, upon arrival, the Officer noted smoke coming from the back yard of the residence.

East of Fallbrook  Sandwiched between Sherman Way and Vanowen St. North side of the Los Angeles river channel in a residential neighborhood with a street covered with trees lined up and down the block. The structure fire address 7000 Vicky Ave. West Hills, CA

Raw footage gathered for Tv news by Baddboyfilms News

Media Photography

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Los Angeles - Structure fire burning on the 9th floor, 1 Firefighter critical

One worker was reportedly injured and he exited the room and was found by Firefighters in another space on the fire floor in critical condition . 

Editorial Credits: Baddboyfilms News August 30, 2017 1:00 pm at Universal Sheraton, Universal, Ca

The Los Angeles Firefighters found a male in critical condition in the room adjusting to where the fire started, laying on the floor unresponsive. 

While the lafd rescuers rushed the injured male worker to an awaiting ambulance down the 9 floors through the stairwell and transported him to the emergency room, the man then became in an emergency state and the firefighters laid him upon the pavement in the entry of the lobby and worked on him till they could re-stablize the victims heart and prep him for transport to a awaiting ambulance just outside. 

Dispatched units:E86  E76  RA76  E60  T60  RA860  E278  T78  BC14  BC5  E90  H2  H4  H5  E39  T39  T27  E227  E82  E27  E97  E288  T88  CM42  E289  T89  EM12  BC12  BC10  BC18  BC11  E61  RA60  RA78  CL1  EM12  EM18  AR12  AR2  EM14  E211  T11  T39  E239  HU59  AR13  PH1  RA82  RA60  PI1  PI2  E260 

Watch the video: 

Sheraton Universal ninth floor room fire | 1 Worker and 1 Firefighter Critical | both hospitalized

August 30, 2017 1:00 pm Universal Studios | Universal Sheraton hotel fire | Baddboyfilms News

The heart machine inside the ambulance was screaming off EKG heart pulse alerts and alarms of warnings continuously as the worker was laying on the gurney inside the awaiting LAFD RA.  

There was also one Firefighter injured and was said by authorities to be in serious but stabled condition. 

The scene was catastrophic. Hollywood was shooting a motion picture on the North lot when the blaze in the room ignited . The front parking lot was full of production movie producers from a motion picture production company. They were said to be shooting a cover for a movie. They had nothing to do with the fire, they claimed.
Firefighters did not order evacuations at the hotel. Los Angeles Arson detectives from the LAPD and LAFD were on scene picking through the rubbish for clues on the 9th floor and decided not to allow the Tv News | paparazzi  inside to record or photograph any of the scene until at a later time. 
The injured worker was reported to of worked for a company called Ornnell Fire Sprinkler Inc which is a Fire protection equipment supplier in Grand Terrace, California

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Multi-Family residential structure fire on Deering Ave | Baddboyfilms News

Rubbish Fire 

A rubbish fire broke out inside a shotgun style residence this evening in Canoga Park. The residence is sandwiched between two commercial buildings extending to the back or the structure

Twenty-four Firefighters arrived on scene used efforts and skills they learned in training to battle this structure fire and get a handle on it within minutes before it could endanger the surrounding neighborhood which is loaded with blocks of apartment buildings housing large Canoga Park families and children.  

While the flames penetrated the roof, Firefighters ran into the burning building and called out for survivors or victims, searching for anyone needing help . No injuries were reported and the cause of this fire is still under investigation. 

The residence is allocated on the 7000 block of Deering Ave. The original 911 caller called from a private cellphone from the area of the 7100 block of Deering ave earlier tonight at 8:41 p.m. and Firefighters were dispatched through the 911 operator of Los Angeles emergency 911 system. 

Battalion 17 Chief Wordin was heading the scene tonight. 

On Scene: 
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Firefighters 72's first on scene then followed in by Firefighters from B15, T93, E72, 293, Battalion 17, E84, E105, and L.A.P.D. managed road closures on between the 7100 block of Deering Avenue and Eton Ave. and had bystanders make their way to a safer ground to watch from. The building turned inferno before the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived and the smoke could be seen from up to 1 mile away. 

It made a lot of curious people which created a traffic jam at the intersections of Canoga Ave. and Sherman Way while Fire and Police tried to get in past the hundred spectators who blocked roads till the Los Angeles Police could get people to re-park their cars and clear the area where fire trucks needed to get in to handle this incident. 

Baddboyfilms News, soon with raw footage on this structure rubbish fire on the 7000 block of Deering Ave. tonight in Canopga Park, Ca. Sunday July 23, 2017 at 8:41 p.m.. 

Credits: Baddboyfilms News Sunday July 23, 2017 , 8:41 p.m. Canoga Park, California