Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Los Angeles - Structure fire burning on the 9th floor, 1 Firefighter critical

One worker was reportedly injured and he exited the room and was found by Firefighters in another space on the fire floor in critical condition . 

Editorial Credits: Baddboyfilms News August 30, 2017 1:00 pm at Universal Sheraton, Universal, Ca

The Los Angeles Firefighters found a male in critical condition in the room adjusting to where the fire started, laying on the floor unresponsive. 

While the lafd rescuers rushed the injured male worker to an awaiting ambulance down the 9 floors through the stairwell and transported him to the emergency room, the man then became in an emergency state and the firefighters laid him upon the pavement in the entry of the lobby and worked on him till they could re-stablize the victims heart and prep him for transport to a awaiting ambulance just outside. 

Dispatched units:E86  E76  RA76  E60  T60  RA860  E278  T78  BC14  BC5  E90  H2  H4  H5  E39  T39  T27  E227  E82  E27  E97  E288  T88  CM42  E289  T89  EM12  BC12  BC10  BC18  BC11  E61  RA60  RA78  CL1  EM12  EM18  AR12  AR2  EM14  E211  T11  T39  E239  HU59  AR13  PH1  RA82  RA60  PI1  PI2  E260 

Watch the video: 

Sheraton Universal ninth floor room fire | 1 Worker and 1 Firefighter Critical | both hospitalized

August 30, 2017 1:00 pm Universal Studios | Universal Sheraton hotel fire | Baddboyfilms News

The heart machine inside the ambulance was screaming off EKG heart pulse alerts and alarms of warnings continuously as the worker was laying on the gurney inside the awaiting LAFD RA.  

There was also one Firefighter injured and was said by authorities to be in serious but stabled condition. 

The scene was catastrophic. Hollywood was shooting a motion picture on the North lot when the blaze in the room ignited . The front parking lot was full of production movie producers from a motion picture production company. They were said to be shooting a cover for a movie. They had nothing to do with the fire, they claimed.
Firefighters did not order evacuations at the hotel. Los Angeles Arson detectives from the LAPD and LAFD were on scene picking through the rubbish for clues on the 9th floor and decided not to allow the Tv News | paparazzi  inside to record or photograph any of the scene until at a later time. 
The injured worker was reported to of worked for a company called Ornnell Fire Sprinkler Inc which is a Fire protection equipment supplier in Grand Terrace, California

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