Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sylmar creek fire | raw footage | News

The Sylmar Creek Fire was fueled by heavily downward winds ranging in the 50 mph range on Tuesday in the am hours, reports say. 

The neighbors were fast asleep as Fire Officials awoke the entire neighborhood on a bullhorn as they drove through the streets of Via Santa Barbara and Via Santiago along the Sylmar Creek while fire was becoming fierce within the bed of it below. 

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The wind shot ambers across the streets and made visibility low. The smoke was dense and thickened and made the air hard to breath it in.  

The air was filled with hot sparks and smoke,  broken twigs & branches from palms with flames on them flying through the air . 
it was like a fire storm that had popped up form out of nowhere and now this little town nested in the hills of Sylmar was under a major attack of flying ambers coming straight up out of the creek bed and landing in all of the neighbor’s roof tops which are modular homes, made of cardboard like press-wood and plastics along with a foam based inner shell and fiberglass outer casing. 

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The press board was like cardboard in the construction of these homes as the main materials used to build it’s internal parts. The homes are cheaply made Via a basic home builders kit that all comes in on a truck, all from a truck, these homes are delivered and assembled on location to a specific design . Each home floor plan is moderately the same as dozens of others therefore when the builders build them, they are used to building these one after another. 

Raw Footage Video: 

Kagel, CA The canyon Fire above Sylmar Creek | Baddboyfilms News

Tuesday, December 05, 2017 8:00pm Shadow Hills, CA Flames were heating up the canyons with a violent fit of rage. Firefighters ran from top to bottom of hillsides just to try to evacuate people from their homes as people were allowing their lives to continue during the night normally while they trusted in the L.A. City Firefighters to let them know if they needed to leave their homes so Firefighters could get in to battle a fire that might of slipped into their area sometime during the night. 

Fire was covering the whole mountain because ambers had blown completely everywhere for miles around that it was just impossible to chase every flame. So the fire department waited it out but only battled flames that got too aggressive towards people's homes. We captured footage all day and night to release for our viewers in Los Angeles and around the world. 
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12101-12117 Vía Santa Rosa, Sylmar, CA 91342, USA

Here in this small area it is a private town, all streets are not maintained by City of Los Angeles tax payers, therefore they do not have a Fire Department by LAFD services, They do not have Police to help them and they don’t have any outsider’s to help them.

The only services they had was all of which they purchased. It also comes with a homeowner’s package deal made by the local homeowner’s association which is allocated within itself. 

They offer cable Tv services from Direct Tv, Water delivery of cased water bottles to their door weekly services, there are security guard patrol services in the streets and they have their own Neighborhood Watch program that the local Sylmar Police just started allowing installed in their neighborhood though it was still up in the air who was going to pay that tax per year.